Hire a delivery truck: move house without a problem

You are moving house and you can’t squeeze your bed into your car. Or maybe you’re buying a load of firewood which you would really prefer not to put across the back seat. The solution? A delivery truck! At Valko, we specialise in the hire of light trucks and delivery vehicles. We can help you, whatever the job might be. Do you need a light truck for the weekend? Then you’re best making a reservation a few days in advance. Because hiring delivery trucks in the weekend is very popular.

Hiring a delivery truck: for every job

At Valko, you never pay too much when you hire. Give us a call and we can discuss what type of light truck you need. Because if you want to move a piano, you need a completely different truck than if you are moving rubble from a building site.

Contact us now to hire a light truck of delivery truck!